André Ethier

André Ethier


This catalog has been published on the occasion of Ethier’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. It is accompanied by an essay by Robert Hobbs and more than 25 color plates. Frequently collapsing the boundaries between the genres of still-life, landscape and portraiture, Ethier composes vivid psychedelic visions of animal-human hybrids. Approaching each work without having a definitive subject in mind, Ethier improvises his content and compositions, employing an array of application techniques to create luscious, painterly surfaces.  Evoking art historical precedents from Arcimboldo to Emil Nolde, Ethier conjures strikingly intense imagery which is both contemporary and personal.


Publisher: Derek Eller Gallery     

Artist(s): André Ethier 

Contributor(s): Robert Hobbs

Designer: Jean Crutchfield 

Printer: Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc. 

Publication Date:  2008

Binding: Paperback 

Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.75 inches 

Pages: 48 

Reproductions: illustrated throughout 

ISBN: 978-0-9779002-1-3

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