Dan Torop

Dan Torop 


In a series of extended residencies at the Lynden Sculpture Garden beginning in the summer of 2013, Dan Torop made photographs on the grounds which integrate an historical text--Meriwether Lewis’s June 14, 1805 diary entry describing a day and night in the environs of the Great Falls of the Missouri River--with present day visual explorations. Mindful of ecologist Aldo Leopold's description of a nearby landscape, Torop responded to the passage of seasons, animals, and objects across the site, sometimes intervening, always observing.


The exhibition was accompanied by a publication that set Torop’s images to Meriwether Lewis’s 2600-word text, and includes an essay by Nicholas Frank that continues the dialogue with Lynden's landscape and history. The exhibition and publication coincide with the 210th anniversary of Meriwether Lewis’s narrative.


Publisher: Lynden Sculpture Center 

Artist(s): Dan Torop 

Contributor(s): Nicholas Frank, Meriwether Lewis, Polly Morris, 

Designer: Craig Kroeger

Printer: Fox Company, Inc., West Allis, Wisconsin 

Distributer: Green Gallery Press, Milwaukee, WI

Publication Date:  2015

Binding: Paperback 

Dimensions: 7.5 x 11 inches 

Pages: 47

Reproductions: illustrated throughout 

ISBN: 978-0-9840145-8-3

Retail: $25.00

Status: Available 

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